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Storage Systems - IBC Solstore - IBC SolStore 8.0 Pb-SI with 48V battery

IBC SolStore 8.0 Pb-SI with 48V battery

IBC SolStore 8.0 Pb-SI 48V lead-acid battery, battery storage system with 8.0 kWh of storage

Item number:   S-13-00021
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approx. 2 to 4 weeks

8,873.59 €

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Battery storage system with 8.0 kWh of storage

With the complete IBC Pb SolSotre you get a perfectly matched system for effective storage of solar energy to increase your own consumption. The memory unit of the set, the IBC SolStore Pb, based on the proven and advanced lead-acid technology. With low acquisition costs, a long service life of minimum 10 years and a high cycle life of the IBC SolStore Pb is ideally suited for use in photovoltaic systems for self-consumption increase. Besides all require additional components abenfalls is included in the complete operation of the intelligent data monitoring IBC SolGuard. Here you will find all the relevant assets at a glance. If desired, the system current weather data and current energy, the expected income for the next few hours, helping you to calculate, consumers selectively turn.

- Proven lead-gel technology
- Maintenance-free batteries, no water refilling necessary
- Sealed Lead Acid Battery with safety valves
- Stable battery case
- Long life
- New SMA Sunny Island 6.0H included in the package

Consumption increase 3phase
4 batteries, each 165 Ah (C10)
Overall dimensions: 1120 x 600 x 490mm
Weight: 340 kg
Efficiency: over 85%
System configuration: TN / TT
recommended PV plant size: 5.7 kWp
max. Backup power: 5 kW continuous power, 6.5 kW for 30 minutes, 8.4 kW for 1 minute

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