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Accessories for - Inverters - SMA Groundingset "negative" ESHV-N-NR

SMA Groundingset "negative" ESHV-N-NR

SMA Grounding-Set, Negative, ESHV-N-NR, is used to ground the PV generator

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If you use special cell technologies in your PV generator (e.g. thin-film PV modules and back-contact PV-modules), it may be necessary to ground the PV generator, either positively or negatively. With this in mind SMA Solar Technology has developed two grounding sets with which the positive or negative grounding of the PV generator, as recommended by the module manufacturer, can be performed already within the inverter. This device-internal grounding provides safe long-term operation and optimum EMC properties while minimizing the installation costs.
The grounding set includes a 1 A fuse as protection against the danger of fire and a circuit adjusting the inverter's isolation monitoring to the grounding set. The grounding set directly connects the pole to be grounded (plus or minus) of the PV modules and the inverter's PE connection via the fuse. This circuit has been designed for Germany and is suitable for many other countries as well. Before installation, check if the installation country allows to connect a pole to ground.
The positive grounding set (ESHV-P-NR) is used, for example, for certain modules with back-contact cells. The negative grounding set (ESHV-N-NR) is used, for example, for thin-film modules. Your module manufacturer can provide you with information on the necessity and type of grounding of your PV system.
Only use the grounding set with the following SMA inverters with transformer:
Sunny Boy 1100, Sunny Boy 1200, Sunny Boy 1700, Sunny Boy 2500, Sunny Boy 3000, Sunny Boy 3300, Sunny Boy 3800, Sunny Mini Central 4600A, Sunny Mini Central 5000A, Sunny Mini Central 6000A, Sunny Mini Central 7000HV
The inverter may only be operated with PV generators (modules and cabling) constructed with protective insulation (protection class II).

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