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Mounting System - Mounting Rails - K2 Minirail end clamp (34-50mm) Set

K2 Minirail end clamp (34-50mm) Set

K2 MiniRail System end clamp (34-50mm) Set, Material: aluminum / stainless steel / EPDM

Item number:   S-03-01170
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8.33 €

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K2 MiniRail System for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs
Simple and extremely fast assembly from above
Very attractive price-performance ratio
high flexibility with adjustable clamp
Suitable for all module frames (34-50 mm) and installation types (landscape and portrait), no additional components required
High level of planning security due to low number of simple system components
Modular structure suitable for any system size
Geometry optimised for K2 system components
Small components for optimal warehousing, transport and installation

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