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Storage Systems - IBC Solstore - IBC Solstore 6.3 Li (48V) for TT/TN

IBC Solstore 6.3 Li (48V) for TT/TN

IBC Solstore 6.3 Li (48V) for TT/TN, Battery storage system with 6.3 kWh capacity

Item number:   S-13-00013
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Set consisting of:
IBC SolStore 6.3 Li, 48 V lithium-ion polymer battery system with battery backup
Battery inverter SMA Sunny Backup 5000 with
RS485 interface
Switching SMA AS Box S.1
SMA Sunny Backup Meter Box
IBC SolGuard

The complete IBC SolStore Li is one of the most modern storage systems for effective consumption increase. The storage unit uses newly developed, innovative lithium-ion polymer technology. It convinces with a very high cycle life, a very long Lebensdaer, an exceptionally large volume of usable space and an enormous efficiency. This makes the lithium memory economic and compact core of the storage system. For optimization of own consumption in the complete set of IBC SolGuard is included as system monitoring. It displays all the relevant data and calculated on demand using current weather data and current energy, the expected income for the next few hours. You can selectively turn on consumers and increase your maximum power consumption.
- Newly developed lithium-ion polymer technology
- High efficiency
- High Discharge
- High reliability
- Lightweight and compact design saves space
General information:
Overall dimensions: 664 x 614 x 440mm
Weight: 375 kg
Efficiency: over 85%
Network type: TN / TT
recommended PV plant size: 5.7 kWp
max. Backup power: 5 kW continuous power, 6.5 kW for 30 minutes, 8.4 kW for 1 minute

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