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Storage Systems - IBC Solstore - IBC Solstore 8.0 Pb for TN/TT

IBC Solstore 8.0 Pb for TN/TT

IBC Solstore 8.0 Pb for TN/TT, Battery storage system with 8.0 kWh capacity

Item number:   S-13-00011
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Set consisting of:
IBC SolStore 8.0 Pb, 48 V lead-acid battery system with battery backup
Battery inverter SMA Sunny Backup 5000 with
RS485 interface
Switching SMA AS Box S.1
SMA Sunny Backup Meter Box
IBC SolGuard

The very long service life of 10 years and an extremely high cycle life, the battery system IBC SolStore Pb 8.0 make it the ideal temporary storage of electricity from photovoltaic systems to increase the consumption share. The control system of low-maintenance, impact resistant lead-acid batteries is very comfortable to perform on the control system of the entire system. For a high degree of safety valves to ensure backfire and injection molded amour-pole. He also guaranteed after long time use a full gas and electrolyte leakage.
8.0 kWh of total storage
Low maintenance, no refilling necessary
High cycle life due to robust tube-plate and corrosion-resistant electrodes
Sealed lead-acid battery with safety valves
Rapid installation with pre-assembled cables
max at least 10 years at 50% DOD and. 2000 cycles
Durable and impact resistant battery case for stationary indoor applications
Connection and fuses in a separate junction box, in protection IP 25 according to DIN 40050 and shock protection to VBG 4
General information:
Dimensions: 1120x600x490 mm
Weight: 375kg
Protection class: IP20

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