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Solar Power


Domestic use and payment for energy generation




Solar power is an absolutely environmentally friendly energy solution that uses no raw material resources and causes no environmental pollution. Anyone wishing to generate solar power will first need high-performancee solar panels and an inverter to convert the direct current into alternating current so it can be fed into the mains grid. With modern solar modules, the panels no longer have to be exclusively pointed south to achieve sufficient generation of solar power. A solar array is also a worthwhile undertaking in our latitudes, even with our moderate quantities of sun.

State subsidy od solar power and payments for feeding solar energy into the grid has been reduced again this year, but buying a solar array still makes financial sense, as prices for solar modules and the other components are constantly dropping, thus balancing out the expense. The Credit Institute for Redevelopment (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, KfW) supports the generation of solar power and grants loans of up to 50,000 Euro with low interest rates for photovoltaic systems. To work out the profitability of a system, the calculation must include an estimate of the yield and your own domestic us. It is helpful to use the free calculator offered by many providers in calculating anticipated solar power yield. The most important factors for the yield are the amount of sunshine and the number of solarmodules.

The profitability of the system is calculated from the savings on energy costs for domestic use and the payment received for feeding solar energy into the mains grid. If half of the solar energy generated is fed into the grid, the operator of the system is liable for sales tax. Sales tax is a transitory item that does not work out to your disadvantage, and the benefit is that the VAT that you pay for the system and its operation is set against this and refunded.


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