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Buy cheap solar panels!
Solar panel prices are catching up falling subsidies!

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Prices for solar panels continue to fall and are balancing out the cuts in state subsidy of solar power. Solar arrays are thus continuing to offer great returns and make the conversion of solar energy into electricity a bonus for the environment and the pocket.

Solar panels consist of several solar panels, connected together and installed such that they are protected from the weather or from damage. The most famous brands include solar panels from Panasonic, Yingli, Sanyo, Schott, Suntech, Heckert, Trina, Bosch, REC and LDK, which have all taken the top places in several independent tests.

Although the basic function of solar panels is all the same – the conversion of solar energy into electricity – there are any number of designs and models of solar panels with differing performances and a range of efficiency rates on the market. These include e.g. semi-transparent and opaque solar panels, solar panels with crystalline solar panels (moncrystalline, polycrystalline), solar panels mit thin coatings and solar panels with a number of different substrate materials. Whether the solar panels are made in Europe or in China has little bearing on the quality; many European manufacturers produce their goods in Asia in any case. When buying, customers should nonetheless make sure that panels conform to IEC norm 61215. For thin-layer solar panels, this should be IEC norm 61646.

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