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Monitoring a photovoltaic system: the ideal combination of a monitoring device and an evaluation platform. For systems of all sizes, with one or 100 elements, for domestic or business use.





The SolarLog device is compatible with all manufacturers and is used to capture and visualise data from the solar array. The SolarLog is simply attached to the inverter and connected to a network (PC). The solar data system used by Solare Datensysteme GmbH from Geislingen now supports all current inverters. SolarLog data can easily be accessed on the internet. Take a look at the Solarlog homepage at www.solarlog-home.de for an idea of what’s possible; experts and installers can also try www.solarlog-portal.de.


Modern systems don’t mind whether you connect using a cable or wirelessly via WLAN – you just have to set up the network address. Even access via iPod, cellphone or other mobile network devices is possible. When buying, you should pay attention to the features and functions of the systems, as some of these carry different descriptions, such as e.g. SolarLog 200, SolarLog 200 PM+, SolarLog 500, SolarLog 500 PM+, SolarLog 1000, SolarLog 1000 PM+ or SolarLog 1000 GPRS. The individual models differ in terms of their function range, interfaces and functionality. The more up-to-date versions are a little more expensive, but offer a range of practical and comfortable innovations.

SolarLog permits you an excellent overview of the performance of your photovoltaic system. For example, it can show you the input and output performance or identify status and faults, and show these in words or numbers or as a graphic, just as you choose. Daily, monthly and annual summaries can be examined at a glance with all their details and changes, making simple diagnosis and monitoring possible even for non-experts.

Our shop is the right place for you if you are thinking of buying a SolarLog. We offer a number of SolarLog models to monitor your photovoltaic system at reasonable prices.


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