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Heckert Solar

Heckert Solar specialises in the manufacture of top-quality, high-performance solar modules and offers solar modules in a range of models for a multitude of uses. Whether it’s for a single-family house, a farming business or a commercial roof – Heckert Solar can provide the right solar array for almost every roof.


Heckert Solar AG’s high-performance moncrystalline and polycrystalline modules have made the company a name to be envied in the field of solar technology. Heckert solar modules are manufactured from quality-assured high-performance cells in a range of sizes and varying performance classes in the Heckert factory in Chemnitz. Heckert sources the majority of the materials for the modules from German firms to ensure the products’ high quality.


The Heckert Solar NeMo series has become a real bestseller among high-performance polycrystalline modules, not least because of its compact construction and considerable efficiency. Heckert solar modules are all certified by the Rhineland TÜV to IEC (EN) 61215 and IEC (EN) 61730 and conform to CE norms. In manufacturing and selecting the materials for Heckert modules, the emphasis is on quality, sustained performance and output. In regions with low sunlight conditions, the moncrystalline, high-performance modules in the Heckert GmbH HS-MXL series are a popular choice as they produce the best results by comparison with many other products of a similar kind.








The Heckert NeMo210, Heckert NeMo215 and Heckert NeMo220 versions are among the best-known high-erformance modules in the Heckert NeMo-series, with an efficiency rating of up to 15 percent. The NeMo195, NeMo200 and NeMo205 preformance classes are also available plus-sorted. In addition, for a year clients have had the option of choosing between the standard Heckert modules and the Black Edition; the latter has a refined black look. You will find comprehensive information about the NeMo-series and other offers from Heckert GmbH on the company website: http://www.heckertsolar.com


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