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As a provider of cutting-edge solar technology in Germany and Europe, NWCOMP SOLAR can provide technical expertise, top-quality products and customer-orientated service!


We would be delighted to show you a small selection of the photovoltaic systems/solar arrays we have installed or whose construction we have supervised. These have been installed on domestic houses, commercial properties, carports and communal and club premises throughout Europe. Have a look at some of our completed projects here:


Photovoltaik-Plant 401,8 kWp in 86179 Augsburg

Panels: CNPV 205M, Suntech STP205 – 18/Ud
Inverter: SMA Sunny Tripower 10000TL, SMA Sunny Mini Central 10000TL, Siemens PVM17

  • Photovoltaik_Anlage_SteinerPhotovoltaik_Anlage_Steiner_2012



Photovoltaik-Plant 84,365 kWp in 86165 Augsburg

Panels: Astronergy 235W (1x)
Inverter: SMA STP 12000 TL (4x), SMA STP 15000 TL (2x)

  • Photovoltaik_WalterPhotovoltaik_Anlage_Steiner_2012



Photovoltaik-Plant 402 kWp in 86154 Augsburg

Panels: Hareon
Inverter: Ingecon Sun 125TL

  • Photovoltaik_Anlage_OffenbachkarreePhotovoltaik_Anlage_Steiner_2012



Photovoltaik-Plant 30 kWp in 86165 Augsburg

Panels: CNPV 200 W (1x)
Inverter: SMA 10000 TL (1x), SMA 12000 TL (1x), SMA 8000 TL (1x)


Photovoltaik-Plant 57,4 kWp in 86179 Augsburg

Panels: CNPV 205M
Inverter: SMA Sunny Tripower STP 15000TL, SMA Sunny Tripower STP 12000TL




Photovoltaik-Plant 93,60 kWp in 86316 Derching

Panels: CNPV 200M (1x)
Inverter: SMC 9000TL (6x), SMC 11000TL (3x)

  • Photovoltaik_Anlage_SteinerPhotovoltaik_Anlage_Steiner_2012





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