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NWCOMP Solar - a quick sketch

A strong team with high standards: as an owner-managed firm we have kept the feel of a family company.


Our staffs are interdisciplinary experts whose motivation comes from the very special internal bonds of our team – combined with the ambition to plan and implement a solar power system for you that may well be a bit more productive than your neighbour's. Half of our current staff strength of 22 deals exclusively with the concerns of customers and enquirers, ensuring that someone is always available. The other half is made up of installers, electricians and an apprentice, who all mount the roof assemblies.


Many years' experience in the solar sector



NwComp was founded as a stand-alone company in 1999, focusing on electronic and network technology. The company’s founder and CEO, Viktor Wiederspan, successfully passed his master’s examination as an electronics technician with the Swabian Chamber of Trade in 1998.

When the renewable energy legislation (EEG) was amended in April 2004, the installation of photovoltaic systems was included in the portfolio. In 2005, systems with a modest 240 kWp performance were being installed, by 2009 it was nearly 1.5 MW.

As internet shops were set up, the sales of PV components also became more important, and by the middle of 2010, sales had more than doubled compared to the number of systems installed in 2009.




Constant growth led to restructuring as a limited company at the beginning of 2008 and in 2009 we moved premises to a larger space that was more suitable for the increased turnover.


A wide range of stock and a broad spectrum of services


Of the crystalline range of modules, Trina, Panasonic, Yingli and Heckert Solar modules are never out of stock. Inverters from SMA, Kostal, Solarmax, SolarEdge and Kaco convert direct current into alternating current.








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