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Solar energy systems

You wish to produce hassle-free, clean electricity from the sun economically and in a way that suits your premises and financial circumstances. We provide support for everything you want in a photovoltaic system, from planning to installation - in any size, for any surface.


Entrust us with the roof over your head – we will plan and install your system just as you want it. You can rely on the competent and complete service provided by our partners and ourselves. We provide support for you at every stage, from an informal on-site appointment in which NwComp staff will consider your particular wishes and measure the dimensions of the roof, through the quotation and installation to supplying your energy provider.



Comprehensive customer advice

Our staff will provide comprehensive and competent advice in a no-obligation, no-charge on-site inspection appointment where we will measure the area, alignment, and angle of the roof and show you the first potential individualised solutions for your system.



Individual system planning

Our technicians will consider both your wishes and any structural or climatic peculiarities. What’s more, your system will include only top-quality and tried-and-tested components which we have perfectly matched to guarantee you long-term high returns.



Expert installation

We complement our choice of optimal components with expert installation by electrical engineers with many years of practical expertise in installing photovoltaic systems under their belt. Benefit from this experience today!



Innovative service

Our intelligent system-monitoring solutions allow you to have your system under observation at all times. If there is a fault, we arrive on-site quickly and without fuss to make sure your investment can continue to work economically and reliably. So you can sit back and let the sun do the work for you. We provide comprehensive details of current subsidy programs and the most advantageous finance options, and we will help you with your subsidy applications. We will show you how economically your photovoltaic system works using detailed bespoke yield forecasts and viability calculations. We will give you tips on insurance to make sure your investment is safe in the future – based on your individual forecast, this will secure against drops in income and your PV system will be insured against all kinds of sudden damage, e.g. by hail or the like.


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