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Solar Cable - Solar Cable 6qmm (600m Roll)

Solar Cable 6qmm (600m Roll)

Solar cable 6 qmm, UV resistant, for connecting the modules to the inverter, 500m

Item number:   S-04-00436
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approx. 1 week

643.06 €

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Suitable for installation indoors and outdoors in direct sunlight
In case of fire no corrosive gases; smoke density is low
Insulating and sheathing materials are weathering, UV and abrasion resistant
Operating temperature range -50 ° C to +150 ° C; firmly lying
Operating temperature range -25 ° C to +125 ° C; flexible lying
Expected lifetime is 25 years
Minimum bending radius fixed 5 x cable diameter
Minimum bending radius flexible 10 x cable diameter
Conductor according to DIN EN 60228 class 5; tinned
Underground installation is not allowed

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