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Batteries - Batteries 12V - Moll Solar 12 V 60Ah (C100) gug

Moll Solar 12 V 60Ah (C100) gug

Moll Solar 12 V 60Ah (C100) gug, Batteries with high reliability and long service life, accumulator for Photovoltaik island-systems

Item number:   S-10-00001
Delivery time:
approx. 5 to 8 weeks

134.48 €

Price incl. VAT plus delivery

Moll solar 12V battery

Product advantages:

High cycle durability and long life, minimal maintenance, special reliability, safest handling, high reliability, longer service life, Small footprint, light weight, durability, good charge acceptance even at low currents, Patented center wall connection. Central gas discharge with backfire (minor patents), thermal stability, stability in teilgeladenem condition, low self-discharge less than 1%, optimal power consumption, high energy density, pocket separators with glass mat edition, special alloys and special mass

nominal voltage 12,00 V
nominal capacity 60 Ah (C100)
weight 14,0 kg
length 211 mm
width 175 mm
height 190 mm

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