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Remote Supervision - Solar-Log - Solar-Log 500 BT

Solar-Log 500 BT

Solar-Log 500 BT remote supervision with Bluetooth (max. 7 inverter) for 10 inverter (via cable) max. 50 kW by Solare Datensysteme

Item number:   S-05-00004
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approx. 2 days

584.29 €

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Suitable for systems with up to ten inverters (via cable). Optional Power management and power factor (cos phi) control. Recommendation: max. Plant size 50 per kWp Solar-Log 500. Monitoring of individual power consumption possible. Notification via text message and e-mail.


Solar-Log 500 BT is equipped with a Bluetooth module for wireless connection (max 7 inverter) to any Bluetooth SMA inverters. Advantages of Solar-Log with Bluetooth: No wiring between the SMA inverters and Solar-Log necessary. Thus, no preparation of the inverter and no opening of the devices is needed. Supports all Bluetooth SMA piggybacks. Inverter mixed mode via Bluetooth and RS485 interface possible.

Top Features:
Wireless connection via Bluetooth

String monitoring
performance Monitoring
Status / error monitoring
Connecting digital meters
yield forecast
Email and SMS Alerts
degradation calculation
max. Plant size 50 kWp
max. Cable length 1000 m
max. 10 inverters
5 year warranty


Supported inverters:
AEG, Power Solutions, Alba Tec, Alpha, Aros Solar Technology, Aten, Carlo Gavazzi, Chint Power, Conergy, Converteam, Danfoss, Delta, Diel Ako, Eaton, Effecta, enfinity, Europa-Solar AG, Ever Solar, evoco, Fronius, GE, Ginlong, Growatt, Helios Systems, Hyundai, Ingeteam, Kaco new energy, Mastervolt, Mitsubishi Electric, Motech, Oelmaier Technology, Omron, Pairan, Powercom, Q3, RefuSol, Salicru Equinox, SamilPower, Santerno, Schneider Electric, Schüco, Siel, Siemens, SMA, Socomec Solar, SolarMax, SoluTronic, Steca, Sungrow, SunTension, Sunways, Sustainable Enegry, Trannergy, Vaillant, Valenia, Voltwerk, Winaico, Zentral Solar                   ...more to follow

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