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Inverter - SolarEdge - Solaredge SE 5000

Solaredge SE 5000

Solaredge SE 5000, single-phase, transformerless inverter with 4.6 kW nominal power

Item number:   S-02-00159
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All inverters are part of SolarEdge's innovative system that offers superior performance at an affordable price. The SolarEdge inverter combines a sophisticated, digital control technology into a stage, ultra-efficient power conversion. The result is a fantastic performance by over 97%. Our technology to ensure a constant voltage ensures that the inverter is always working at its optimal input voltage, regardless of the number of modules or environmental conditions. The inverter contains a special receiver unit for data monitoring. This receives the performance of each solar module on the SolarEdge power optimizers. All inverters in an installation can be connected via RS485 cable or wireless Zigbee together. The data received by the inverter are sent via Ethernet or wireless connection to the Monitoring portal on the Internet and are therefore always available online. From there, the installer can check the system performance and troubleshoot.

input (DC)

max. DC-power 4800 W
max. input voltage 500 V
number of independent MPP inputs Multi-MPP

output (AC)

rated power 4600 W
max. output current 25,00 A
adjustable displacement factor -0,9 bis 0,9
phase conductors 1
max. efficiency 97,6 %
length 315 mm
width 540 mm
height 191 mm
weight 20,5 kg
topology trafolos
degree of protection (according to IEC 60529) IP65
DC terminal MC4
AC terminal Kabelverschraubung
integrated interface RS485, RS232, Ethernet
optional/retrofittable interface Zigbee
production warranty 12 years

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