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Nwcomp solar

Your expert partner for everything to do with photovoltaic systems and storage solutions. Our many years of experience in the solar energy sector, our skills and our expertise are all art your disposal.


Put your trust in us and our passion for photovoltaic systems.

The greatest confirmation we can receive of the high standards we set ourselves is when you tell us how happy you are with the work we have done.


Take advantage of state subsidies.

Photovoltaic systems deliver two benefits: one for the environment and one for you yourself; expert planning and installation of a system, combined with correct roof location and inclination towards the light, can bring you a legally guranteed profit for many years – and you can feel good about doing your bit for a clean environment.


Have a look in our in our online-shop for everything to do with solar arrays and accessories.

Whether you choose photovoltaic modules from Panasonic or Heckert, inverters from SMA or Kostal or a mounting system from Schletter or K2 Systems, it is easy to put together a complete photovoltaic system. Remote monitoring with devices from SMA and the SolarLog from Solare Data Systems make sure that you are immediately informed of any faults in your phovoltaic system. As specialists in storage systems and off-grid systems we also stock both complete systems and individual components, allowing you to store energy for your own use, independent of the energy providers.


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