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Steca charge controller Power Tarom 4140

1,538.63 €

Steca Power Tarom 4140 charge controller, for up to three voltage levels

Specially designed for industrial and outdoor applications, the Steca Power Tarom comes with an IP 65 casing made of powder-coated steel. This solar charge controller can be used to control system sizes of up to 8,400 Wp at three voltage levels (12 V, 24 V, 48 V). The Steca Power Tarom is based on the technology of the Steca Tarom controller. When connected in parallel, several controllers from this series can be operated via a standard DC bus in a simple solar home system or a hybrid system. This allows an output of over 20 kWp to be reached.

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Item number: S-11-00021
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21 - 21 from 21 Results

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