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Emergency Switch

Our Emergency Switch overview. We have sold Santon

Santon emergency stop button FSS-A300-FTU

452.39 €

Santon emergency stop button - FSS-A300-FTU, to disconet panels form inverter

Motorized multi-switch in housing Maximum current 16A Max Voltage 1000V DC or Maximum current 25A Max voltage 850V DC. Maximum number of strings 3 Max poles 6 IP 65 aluminum housing CE certified according to EN 60947 part 1 +3 DC load break switch to EN 60947-1 DIN VDE 0100-712 Position indicator visible remotely UPS unit to shut down during a power failure 12 x M16 cable gland for connection strings 2 x M20 cable gland for control signal cable Prewired to spring terminals

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Item number: S-04-00456
Delivery time:
approx. 2 to 4 weeks

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