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Accessories for - Inverters - Schnittstellen - WZ-010


fitting to STP xxxTL-20; WTP xxxTL-20, SMA Power Control Modul PWCMOD-10, the multi-function interface for PV inverters

Item number:   WZ-010
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Following changes to legal and normative requirements in many countries, PV plants must now meet additional specifications for grid integration. As a multi-function interface, the SMA Power Control Module ensures compliance: Digital inputs implement the various specifications for the inverters. For example, the SMA Power Control Module governs remote active power limitation at 0%, 30%, 60%, and 100% of the agreed connected active power; it also permits remote shutdown and adjustment of frequency limits. In addition, the device has a multi-function relay that can be used as a fault indicator relay, to control external loads, or to charge a battery.

Suitable for various requirements
4 digital inputs, 1 multi-function relay
Optional or available as retrofit kit

Simple & future-proof
Functionality upgrade via firmware update
Fast and uncomplicated installation

Configuration with Sunny Explorer software version 1.04 or higher, Sunny WebBox and Sunny Web-Box with Bluetooth firmware version 1.03 or higher

Complies with standards
Satisfies requirements of key national laws and standards, such as Germanys 2012 Renewable Energy Sources Act and Italys CEI-0-21

Retrofitting-Set for STP xxxTL-20; WTP xxxTL-20

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