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Offgrid Solutions - Charge Controller - Steca charge controller Tarom 235

Steca charge controller Tarom 235

Steca Tarom 235 charge controller, with much improved state of charge

Item number:   S-11-00014
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196.03 €

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The Steca Tarom is a solar charge controller specifically designed for use in telecommunications applications or in hybrid photovoltaic systems.
Numerous clever functions allow the user to adjust the controller to the particular features of the system in question. Thanks to the significantly improved state of charge determination, the system is optimally controlled and batteries are protected. The Steca Tarom charge controller is the best choice for system sizes of up to 2,400 Wp at three voltage levels (12 V, 24 V, 48 V).
There is the option of connecting additional devices such as a temperature sensor, a data logger and a remote control for configuring and monitoring the system. An integrated Ah meter also provides the user with information on the energy budget of the application.


system voltage 12 V

DC input side

max. open circuit voltage solar panel 48 V
panel current 35 A

DC output side

load current 35 A
lenght 187 mm
width 128 mm
height 49 mm
weight 0,55 kg

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