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Batteries - Batteries 2V - Moll 26 OPzV.solar 4770 2V (4770 Ah C100) gug

Moll 26 OPzV.solar 4770 2V (4770 Ah C100) gug

Moll 26 OPzV.solar 4770 2V (4770 Ah C100) gug, extremely sturdy battery, accumulator for Photovoltaik island-systems

Item number:   S-10-00031
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1,528.39 €

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Moll 2V battery OPzV.Solar

The extremely sturdy battery OPzV.solar Moll is ideal for use in medium and large photovoltaic systems, such as at schools, village power supply, backup, and telecommunications systems. It is low maintenance, no water needs to be refilled and, through its tube-plate maximum durability and cycle stability.


Suited for medium and large photovoltaic systems
Highest cycle life due to robust tube-plate
Corrosion-resistant electrodes
Low maintenance, no refilling necessary
Sealed lead-acid battery with backfire
Housing made from high impact plastic
Reliable and Safe

nominal voltage 2,00 V
nominal capacity 4770 Ah (C100)
weight 250,0 kg
length 215 mm
width 580 mm
height 815 mm

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