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Accessories for - Remote Supervision - SMA Sunny Beam Repeater

SMA Sunny Beam Repeater

SMA Sunny Beam Repeater, serves to improve the wireless connection

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You can increase the range between Sunny Beam and inverters with the Sunny Beam repeater if you have difficult environmental conditions. The Sunny Beam Repeater can be easily integrated into the existing radio link from the Sunny Beam to the inverters. The Sunny Beam Repeater requires a power outlet (AC 100 V to 240 V) to power supply.

Connection to the inverter and the Sunny Beam:
Radio, up to 100 m outdoors, up to 30 m indoors, up to 4 inverters


Supported inverters:
The Sunny Beam Repeater supports same inverters as Sunny Beam.


Number of supported inverters:
up to 4


Connection to the power supply via:
USB power adapter (up to 2 m)


Representation of the system status:
about 4 LEDs

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