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Accessories for - Remote Supervision - SMA Sunny Beam with Bluetooth

SMA Sunny Beam with Bluetooth

SMA Sunny Beam with Bluetooth, serves to remote supervision

Item number:   S-05-00020
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Informative, compact and easy to operate: the Sunny Beam with Bluetooth does not just look good, it's an innovative monitoring solution. The large graphic display shows all the essential data at one glance: daily profile, current output, daily and total energy yield. Outputs of up to 12 inverters, monthly overview, energy yield in euros or in amount of CO2 saved can quickly be seen. Data from at least 90 days are stored in the internal memory and can be transferred via USB cable to a PC - no additional software. And in case of disruption, Sunny Beam can alert by audible signal if wanted.

Wireless table device with large, easy to read display
USB interface for data transfer to PC

Automatic monitoring of up to twelve inverters via Bluetooth
Power supply via integrated solar cell

Intuitive handling via rotary pushbutton
Easily understandable display for all important system data


Audible alarm in case of failure
Data archiving for at least 90 days in daily files and up to 12 monthly files in CSV format

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