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Accessories for - Mounting Systems - Schletter Plastic distance tube, custom cut (max. 200 mm)

Schletter Plastic distance tube, custom cut (max. 200 mm)

The Schletter mounting system for roof insulation, Material: Aluminium

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Rooftop or rafter insulation win both in new buildings, as well as for energy renovations is becoming increasingly important.
Schletter Iso07 is a simple attachment system for mounting of PV systems on roofs with roof insulation. Sturdy thick plastic sleeves are used to avoid the transmission of power in the grid and at the same time cold spots in the insulation, which could otherwise lead to moisture damage due to condensation. Please make sure when ordering that at least 60 to 80 mm of the screws must protrude into the wooden support structure in order to achieve a sufficient capacity. We recommend in doubt 3 instead of 2 screws per hook. As a further development of the Schletter IsoTop S in the new system Iso07 additional relief screw is used in conjunction with a special fitting. This additional relief screw (note required length!) Is fixed obliquely upwards in the rafters and allows the detection of attachment with larger insulation thicknesses.

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