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Mounting System - Roof Hooks - FixPlan KlickTop with hanger bolt M12x300

FixPlan KlickTop with hanger bolt M12x300

The proven fixing now with KlickTop, FixPlan KlickTop with hanger bolt M12x300

Item number:   S-03-01121
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Flat sheet metal roofs are usually designed as standing seam roof. For fixing of solar systems are appropriate for standing seam seam clamps available. The attachment to the fold is not always possible or recommended:

Not all metal roofs have standing seams as suitable mounting option
Some metal roofs are secured on the lower roof worst, these roofs advisable because of the attachment to wind uplift of the roof shell is not, an attachment to the supporting substructure is preferable.
Tin roofs from titanium zinc metal are very brittle at low temperatures, an attachment to the seam is not recommended because of the linear thermal expansion of the roof shell (risk of cracking).
The system allows FixPlan attachment to load-bearing parts of the substructure and at the same time fulfills the function of a tight passage through flat sheet roofing.

execution KlickTop
Optimized assembly time while improving static values

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