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Mounting System - Roof Hooks - Schletter SingleFix-V Solo pair Set

Schletter SingleFix-V Solo pair Set

Schletter SingleFix-V Solo
The universal mounting system for self-supporting trapezoidal sheeting and sandwich elements - now even easier and faster!

Item number:   S-03-00178
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approx. 2 to 4 weeks

4.28 €

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Fits all standard trapezoidal sheeting. Optimized by static lateral screw. Quickly mounted. System structural analysis. Optimized storage. Minimum cost of materials.
Unsupported trapezoidal sheet metal roofs do not always allow the connection of mounting systems to the substructure, but often provide adequate support strength for a quick and easy direct attachment. Especially sandwich elements provide sufficient stability in most cases in the upper shell and permit the other hand no penetration of fastening elements, as in condensation herd arise. Here offers a V-SingleFix unrivaled simple, minimizing material and quick mounting option.
Schletter SingleFix-V is a secure attachment for vertical module mounting with minimal materials. SingleFix-V has a static system and uses special screws with type-approved and proven mounting forces. In clear tables, you can see immediately how the fasteners are to be distributed and what loads are permissible!
Please take care when installing the system SingleFix-V observed on the positioning of the mounting kits to the module manufacturer specified terminal points of the module.

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