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Mounting System - Roof Hooks - Schletter Trapazoidal clamp Fix2000 Standard with seal

Schletter Trapazoidal clamp Fix2000 Standard with seal

Schletter Fix2000 Standard with seal - The mounting system for cantilevered trapezoidal sheet metal roofs and sandwich panels

Item number:   S-03-00175
Delivery time:
approx. 2 to 4 weeks

12.30 €

Price incl. VAT plus delivery

Direct mounting. Quickly mounted. System structural analysis.
 Unsupported trapezoidal sheet metal roofs do not always allow the connection of mounting systems to the substructure, but offer himself often sufficient supporting strength for a quick and easy direct attachment. Especially trapezoidal sheet roofs of sandwich panels offer in most cases enough stability in the upper shell and allow other non penetration with fasteners, as this condensation foci arise. This provides an unrivaled Fix2000 quick and easy mounting option!
 Schletter Fix2000 has a static system and uses special screws with type-approved and proven mounting forces. In clear tables, you can see immediately how the fasteners are to be distributed and what loads are permissible!
 Execution KlickTop: Save over 50% compared to conventional Fix2000 fixing. No threading screws and no screws from the bottom - just a screw connection between crossbar and harness clip that you wear comfortable and fast from above.
 Please note that the clip distances must be kept exactly in the assembly, because their design is no longer in balance first-eave direction possible. However, this is possible with little effort by wires with the chalk line, or by aligning the cord. In glass-glass laminates, we recommend not advance the assembly but in line with the module delivery to start, because you can be responsive to any plus tolerances of the modules accordingly.

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