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Accessories for - Mounting Systems - Schletter Klicktop cross connector kit M8

Schletter Klicktop cross connector kit M8

Schletter KlickTop
The modular connector of Schletter

Item number:   S-03-00143
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Cheap, quick and secure. Top mounting. No special tools are required. Use with all standard rails.
KlickTop is the universal component of our new fastening technology that can be used for various combinations of the pitched roof.
Cross rail connector. Mounting on roof hooks. Mounting on trapezoidal metal clamps Fix2000. Mounting on corrugated roof kit. Many other combinations on request.
KlickTop can be attached on all rails Schletter click groove. By the central fixing screw with a quick assembly is guaranteed! At the same time, the power flow is optimized through the static novel hook and clamp technology so that the profiles can not rotate due to asymmetric loads.
KlickTop is combined with most of the fasteners Schletter modular system. This requires either special designs are ready-made stock, or of accessories suitable for numerous combinations. More information is the component overview.

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