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Mounting System - Roof Hooks - Schletter Biberschwanz fastening kit, Copper (Universal)

Schletter Biberschwanz fastening kit, Copper (Universal)

Schletter Plain roof hooks, fastening kit, Copper
Universal hook type for special types of bricks

Item number:   S-03-00106
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approx. 1 week

17.31 €

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Plain tile roofs are a special type of roofing tiles represent Besides different forms, different types of cover and cover regional dimensions are also different thicknesses used batten. To cover all possible needs, we provide you with various basic shapes are available upon request and of course offer you other options. We therefore ask you to order equipment before for plain covering familiar with the different forms and the most appropriate for your specific application.
Advantage with universal hook: Can always be attached to the rafters.
Advantage with mounting plate: Not sensitive to snow loads.

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