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Accessories for - Mounting Systems - Schletter EPDM-Sealing-strip 25mm 10m

Schletter EPDM-Sealing-strip 25mm 10m

Schletter EPDM-Sealing-strip 25mm 10m, sealing tape for roof tiles
The simple solution for sealing sanded tiles

Item number:   S-03-00061
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7.50 €

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Rain resistant. Weather resistance. To compress slightly. Self-adhesive on one side. Contains no substances that can cause repetitive strain injuries. Resistant to mold and microorganisms.
Assembly Note: The sealing tape is an impregnated, pre-compressed foam sealing tape. This is bonded to the machined tiles and the roof hooks mounted thereon. Thus, an ingress of water (rain, dew) prevents the roof construction. Particularly suitable for low roof pitch and exceptional tile shapes.

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