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Inverter - SMA - SMA Sunny Tripower STP 20000TLEE-10

SMA Sunny Tripower STP 20000TLEE-10

SMA Sunny Tripower STP 20000TLEE-10, three-phase, transformerless inverter with 20.0 kW rated power

Item number:   S-02-00240
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The expert cost saver for high-yield, commercial plants. Peak performance at a significantly reduced specific price: the new Sunny Tripower TL Economic Excellence is the next logical step in the development of the Sunny Tripower series in terms of achieving an optimum price-performance ratio. On the one hand, it brings with it a considerable reduction in investment costs, while on the other hand guaranteeing exceptionally high yields with an efficiency of 98.5%. Hence, the Sunny Tripower TL Economic Excellence is the ideal inverter solution for uniformly structured PV plants on the medium to very large scale. The focus is on the essentials and meets all requirements, including reactive power provision, grid support, and grid management integration.

input (DC)

max. DC-power 20450 W
max. input voltage 1000 V
number of independent MPP inputs 1

output (AC)

rated power 20000 W
max. output current 29,00 A
adjustable displacement factor -0,8 bis 0,8
phase conductors 3
max. efficiency 98,5 %
length 265 mm
width 665 mm
height 680 mm
weight 45,0 kg
topology trafolos
degree of protection (according to IEC 60529) IP65
DC terminal Sunclix
AC terminal Federzugklemme
integrated interface Bluetooth
optional/retrofittable interface RS485, Multifunktionsrelais
production warranty 5 years

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