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Inverter - SMA - SMA Sunny Boy 2500

SMA Sunny Boy 2500

SMA Sunny Boy 2500, single-phase transformer inverters of 2.3 kW rated power

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Proven technology for secure investments. Universally applicable: the Sunny Boy inverters 1200, 1700, 2500 and 3000 are used in the most diverse AC grids thanks to their galvanic isolation. In addition, the devices are suitable for simple grounding of the generator. Their integrated ESS DC switch-disconnector makes installation simpler while also reducing assembly costs. Equipped with the OptiTrac MPP-tracking process, it will always find the best working point, even under dynamic weather conditions. In this way, it reliably converts solar energy into solar yield.

input (DC)

max. DC-power 2700 W
max. input voltage 600 V
number of independent MPP inputs 1

output (AC)

rated power 2300 W
max. output current 12,50 A
adjustable displacement factor 1
phase conductors 1
max. efficiency 94,1 %
length 214 mm
width 440 mm
height 339 mm
weight 28,0 kg
topology NF-Transformator
degree of protection (according to IEC 60529) IP65
DC terminal Sunclix
AC terminal Steckverbinder
integrated interface -
optional/retrofittable interface RS485, Bluetooth
production warranty 5 years

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