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Accessories for - Remote Supervision - Digital Meter, 3-phase, S0-impulse

Digital Meter, 3-phase, S0-impulse

Digital Meter, 3-phase, S0-impulse, digital Electricity Meter

Item number:   E-ZZ-007
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By adding an electricity meter to a PV plant with different operating modes you gain various extra functions. In one mode it functions as a transmitter, relaying the measured amount of power to the Solar-Log for analysis. If you wish to consume the self-produced power from a PV plant the meter serves as a consumption meter, displaying a comparison of the amount of consumed power with the amount of power produced.
The meter can be configured to operate with the Solar-Log in three different modes:
1) Measuring power consumption for the optimal utilization of self-produced power.
2) Measuring the total amount of power that has been fed into the grid from the plant.
3) Inverter mode-measuring the power production from inverters that are not directly supported by Solar-Log.
The S0 connection involves the use of a 6-pin S0 In-/Out-connector on the Solar-Log200 / 500 / 1000 with a maximum cable length of 10 meters.

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