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Solar info pages - SolarMax


Sputnik Engineering inverters are suitable for every need and system size, whether it’s for a photovoltaic system for a single house or duplex, a farm or industrial building or even a megawatt power station.






Maximum efficiency, wide input current range and excellent value for money: all the SolarMax inverters from Sputnik Engineering in Switzerland have these features in common. There is also the attractive design of the devices, bonuses such their low weight and a range of modern functions and connectivity.


The SolarMax series possess an integrated display, an integrated RS232/485 interface and a top-quality aluminium case that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The inverters in the SolarMax series are all TÜV-approved.


One particular feature is its universal current-sensitive current fault monitoring system which conforms to VDE 0126. The SolarMax series from Sputnik Engineering offers a wide palette of inverters for domestic use and for professional generators such as solar power stations.


SolarMax 2000S, SolarMax 3000S, SolarMax 4200S and SolarMax 6000S are all particularly suitable for outdoor use, as these inverters also operate at full power at temperatures as low as -45 degrees. The P series, newly available in 2013, will replace the S series with the SolarMax 2000P, SolarMax 2800P, SolarMax 4000P and SolarMax 5000P. Both the SolarMax 20S and the SolarMax 35S offer persuasively high efficiency and cunning cooling systems. The SolarMax 20C, SolarMax 25C, SolarMax 30C, 35C, 50C, 80C, 100C and 300C are all compact PWM sinus inverters with an MPP efficiency rating of more than 99%. Sputnik Engineering inverters come with a five-year guarantee and the Swiss firm has also set up a hotline and exchange service.

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