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Schletter GmbH

Schletter Solar installation systems are structured as modular building block systems with universally applicable top-quality components (aluminium/stainless steel), ensuring that every module can be installed in almost any installation situation.





Whether it’s a pitched roof, a flat roof or an open surface, Schletter GmbH’s Solar Installation systems offer good-value and reliable support and security for the modules in your photovoltaic system.


Top-quality Schletter installation systems consist of aluminium and stainless steel, and their building-block structure means they have space for as many module rows as you require.


A range of certifications provide proof that the products from these light metals professionals can meet the highest standards. The Schletter installation systems can boast, among others, a product certification from TÜV Proof, a product certification to VDE – GS standard, a product certification to RAL-Solar and a welding certification to DIN 18800.


Schletter GmbH maintains their standards of quality in customer service as well, with system support such as tables and programs available for installers and solar array operators. The Schletter auto-calculator is a practical tool to plan a solar array for any client, and there are also many other useful calculators to help avoid errors and optimise the system. Solar Schletter additionally offer a voluntary 10-year guarantee of its installation systems that can be extended to no less than 25 years if required.


The company website, which can be found at www.schletter.de is also a source of numerous additional tips and instructions for calculating shade as well as planning, fixing and installing. Schletter GmbH offers both single components and complete installation sets including installation instructions. Schletter GmbH light metals combine top-quality products with a comprehensive all-in service that countless solar array owners and installers have learnt to trust over the years. If you are looking for quality, peiace of mind and precise solutions, Schletter Solar Installation systems are a good tip.


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