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Kostal Solar Electric

Reliable inverters for all areas of operation. The PIKO Multi-String inverters developed by KOSTAL offer a great array of functionality for almost any photovoltaic system.






Kostal GmbH and its Kostal PIKO brand offer single-phase and triple-phase inverters with performances from 3 kilowatts to 10 kilowatts and central inverters with performances from 40 to 155 kilowatts an. The Kostal PIKO 3.0 and Kostal PIKO 3.6 inverters permit single-phase feed while the Kostal PIKO 4.2, Kostal PIKO 5.5, Kostal PIKO 7.0, Kostal PIKO 8.3 and Kostal PIKO 10.1 inverters permit 3-phase feed. All Kostal inverters convert without using a transformer.


Clients have a choice of ten different versions of central inverters, making top returns a real possibility. PIKO inverters are all built in Germany under the strictest quality control regulations. The products are optimised and undergo constant further development in cooperation with clients.


Kostal Solar Electric champions quality and service, and that’s also why the new PIKO Solar Portal was opened recently. You can monitor systems with Kostal PIKO inverters online at this address: http://www.piko-solar-portal.de. All the yield and performance data can be easily exported and faults are reported automatically by email to the installer or operator of the solar array. Kostal clients also have the option of getting advice via a hotline. Kostal’s PIKOplan also provides excellent and free help for switching modules to Kostal PIKO 3.0, Kostal PIKO 3.6, Kostal PIKO 4.2, Kostal PIKO 5.5, Kostal PIKO 7.0, Kostal PIKO 8.3 and Kostal PIKO 10.1 inverters. You will find further information on the topic on the company website at: http://www.kostal-solar-electric.com


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