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The solar array as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly source of energy!

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Solar technology has made incredible strides in recent years, prices of solar panels are dropping and there are countless free tools to calculate and plan solar plants and nip mistakes in the bud. A desire for independence, environmental considerations and not least state subsidy of solar plants have all driven up the use of solar energy in the domestic sector as well. High-performance solar panels make this environmentally friendly energy production method a lucrative option where we live as well, even if the panels of the solar array can’t be pointed south to their best effect.

Optimal installation, careful planning and the choice of top-quality components are enormously important for the efficiency of a solar array. The manufacturers of panels, inverters and installation systems are working tirelessly to improve their products, making solar plants much more powerful than they were when they were first developed. The receptors of a solar panel can be fitted to flat roofs and pitched roofs just as easily as to facades or flat surfaces. Complete solar plants are available as kits or as single components whose installation can be undertaken as DIY or left to professionals. The cost of the solar array is determined by the size and the purposes for which it is used. Small solar plants plus a heat pump are now available for extremely reasonable prices. Large solar plants have the advantage that feedeing current into the mains grid attracts a payment and this will eventually pay for the price of the solar array over the long term. Reasonable prices and the performance of modern solar panels mean that they pay off even after the cuts in state subsidy of solar plants.

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