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SMA Grid Gate

897.02 €

SMA Grid Gate, Grid and plant protection compliance with rules and standards for plants from 30 kVA

Simple, reliable and typical for SMA – the solution for PV plants in Germany with more than 30 kVA on the low-voltage grid. The SMA Grid Gate is the ideal solution for regulation-compliant plant commissioning according to VDE-AR-N 4105 because it provides the binding grid and plant protection needed as of 2012. It is compatible with all plant sizes and inverter types provided they offer integrated islanding detection, as all SMA inverters do. In addition, it offers the advantage of simple installation using top-hat rail mounting. The user-friendly display permits convenient menu navigation and provides information on the current grid data or device status, for example. Reliable Complies with the new application rule VDE-AR-N 4105 Set up with single-fault tolerance Flexible It is binding for all PV plants in Germany with more than 30 kVA Universally applicable Simple With the default settings, no parameterization is needed Easy installation due to top-hat rail mounting Easy to use Informative display Display of all current power distribution grid and device data

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