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Solarpanels - Yingli Solar - Yingli PANDA YL 260C-30b

Yingli PANDA YL 260C-30b

Yingli PANDA YL 260C-30b monocrystalline photovoltaic panel

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Monocrystalline solar modules.
The latest technology keeps Yingli Panda C-30d long young. These solar panels offer for its size a very high efficiency - and that for a long time. They are prepared on the basis of n-type silicon and are therefore characterized by a better low light and temperature characteristics of the use of three cell connectors also reduces electrical losses.
Highlights: Applicable for grid. Tested according to IEC 61215 for snow loads up to 5400 Pa (about 550 kg / m 9 (in preparation) Power tolerance -0 / +5 Wp performance guarantees. 1 year (98%) 10 years (92%) 25 years (82%) 10. year product warranty. IEC 61730, Application class A for Systemtemspannungen to 1000V. IEC 61215 tested and certified. Manufactured in ISO 9001 and 14001 certified factories. 100% end control with individual registration of the electrical characteristics. Verified quality IBC SOLAR own laboratory, with climate chambers and flasher with electroluminescence measurement.

electrical data

maximum power 260 Wp
voltage at maximal load Umpp 30,80 V
current at maximal load Impp 8,46 A
open circuit voltage Uoc 38,60 V
short circuit current Isc 8,91 A

temperature coefficients

temperature coefficient Isc 0,04 (%/K)
temperature coefficient Uoc -127 (mV/K)
temperature coefficient Pmpp -0,45 (%/K)
efficiency of the module 15,9 %
length 1650 mm
width 990 mm
height 50 mm
weight 19,5 kg
plug type MC4

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