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Solarpanels - Heckert Solar - Heckert NeMo P 205

Heckert NeMo P 205

Heckert NeMo P 205 polycrystalline photovoltaic panel, solar panel

Item number:   S-01-00101
Delivery time:
approx. 2 to 4 weeks

178.08 €

Price incl. VAT plus delivery

The module NeMo ® P by Heckert is a polycrystalline high-performance module. Its compact design with only 54 cells, it is ideal for small and medium-roof systems. Its high efficiency of up to 14.9% and the outstanding low-light performance provide for sustained above-average returns.
Added value: The NeMo ® modules plus Heckert are sorted. For you this means a higher plant efficiency and more bang for your buck. The modules supplied at least reach the designated nominal, usually even more up to 4.99 W.
All modules of Heckert are certified by TÜV Rheinland according to IEC (EN) 61215, IEC (EN) 61730 and IEC (EN) 61701 and are in accordance with CE (Conformité Européenne). Furthermore have Heckert NeMo ® modules successfully passed the test of ammonia and DLG are MCS certified.
The Heckert NeMo ® module is also available as a Black Edition, with black frame and black backsheet.

electrical data

maximum power 205 Wp
voltage at maximal load Umpp 25,40 V
current at maximal load Impp 8,07 A
open circuit voltage Uoc 32,40 V
short circuit current Isc 8,57 A

temperature coefficients

temperature coefficient Isc 0,05 (%/K)
temperature coefficient Uoc -0,32 (%/K)
temperature coefficient Pmpp -0,42 (%/K)
efficiency of the module 13,9 %
length 1483 mm
width 993 mm
height 38 mm
weight 16,3 kg
plug type Tyco

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