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Accessories for - Remote Supervision - Solar-Log Sensor Box

Solar-Log Sensor Box

Sensor Box - Pyranometer and Irradiance Sensors with Module Temperature Sensor

Item number:   F-SB-003
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Sensors measure the deviations between the potential power production and the current power production and deliver key statistical values in regard to the quality of the whole plant. Solar-Log Monitoring continuously compares the yield data of a plant with the various sensors. If these values deviate from each other, an error message is generated. Depending on the requirements, there are various sensors available for the Solar-Log.

The most important element in the Sensor Box is the irradiance sensor. This delivers a reference value for solar radiation and enables conclusions to be drawn about possible power generation problems. The irradiance sensor consists of a single solar cell and should be installed at the same angle as your panels. This helps it to serve as an ideal reference value. Drops in performance even at low levels of radiation can be identified and error messages generated. Due to the built-in internal module temperature sensor, it is easy to analyze reductions in performance.


Benefits of communication between the Solar-Log and the Sensor Box:

  • Solar-Log generates an error message in response to any variance that occurs.
  • Errors and malfunctions can be filtered out and analyzed rapidly and reliably.
  • The sensor evaluation provides information about the cause of the fault.
  • Up to 9 Sensor Boxes can be connected to the Solar-Log 1000.


The irradiance sensor is equipped with a high-quality monocrystalline cell, which is rugged and specifically designed for long-term use in outdoor locations. The sensors are installed parallel to the panels they are meant to monitor and are connected to the Solar-Log via an RS485 interface.

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