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Remote Supervision - Solar-Log - Solar-Log 200 GPRS

Solar-Log 200 GPRS

Solar-Log 200 GPRS remote supervision with GPRS for 1 inverter max. 15 kW by Solare Datensysteme

Item number:   S-05-00116
Delivery time:
approx. 1 week

537.88 €

Price incl. VAT plus delivery

Perfect for smaller installations with one inverter. Optional power management and power factor (cos phi) control. Recommendation: max. Plant size 15 per kWp Solar-Log 200. Monitoring of individual power consumption possible. Same data depth as larger devices including notification via SMS and email. 

Solar-Log 200 GPRS is the alternative to the Solar-Log 1000 with external GPRS modem. The model is available with a magnetic base antenna including 2m cable. The SIM card holder is mounted laterally on the inner side of the device and is thus protected against loss. The advantages of the Solar-Log 200 GPRS: The daily automatic hardware reset leads to a more stable data connection. The modem reduces the installation effort. The power consumption is reduced as no separate power supply is needed. The internal GPRS modem is not retrofitable.
Top Features:
integrated GPRS-modem

String monitoring
Status / error monitoring
yield forecast
Email and SMS Alerts
degradation calculation
max. Plant size 15 kWp
max. Cable length 1000 m
max. 1 inverter
5 year warranty


Supported inverters:
AEG, Power Solutions, Alba Tec, Alpha, Aros Solar Technology, Aten, Carlo Gavazzi, Chint Power, Conergy, Converteam, Danfoss, Delta, Diel Ako, Eaton, Effecta, enfinity, Europa-Solar AG, Ever Solar, evoco, Fronius, GE, Ginlong, Growatt, Helios Systems, Hyundai, Ingeteam, Kaco new energy, Mastervolt, Mitsubishi Electric, Motech, Oelmaier Technology, Omron, Pairan, Powercom, Q3, RefuSol, Salicru Equinox, SamilPower, Santerno, Schneider Electric, Schüco, Siel, Siemens, SMA, Socomec Solar, SolarMax, SoluTronic, Steca, Sungrow, SunTension, Sunways, Sustainable Enegry, Trannergy, Vaillant, Valenia, Voltwerk, Winaico, Zentral Solar                   ...more to follow

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