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Mounting System - Roof Hooks - Schletter Roof hook Rapid2+ Universal

Schletter Roof hook Rapid2+ Universal

Schletter Rapid2+ Universal
The quick and convenient mounting system for pitched roofs.

Item number:   S-03-00163
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16.18 €

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significant time-saving installation. Only 4 components (less inventory). Convenient installation.
Description: Rapid2 + Schletter is a newly developed solar mounting system for pitched roofs. With Rapid2 + installation is easy, safe and fast as never before.
Application information: done all 4 steps installation with only one tool (Torx TX40). The most extensive pre-assembly of components saves installation time. Fit comfortably from above and compare it with the adjustable roof hook roof bumps. Likewise, the new improved hook geometry the static values​​. The Rapid2 + - module terminals can be individually adapted to the used module height. Your inventory is limited to only 4 components. The system can be combined with all standard mounting rails. As on all Schletter solar mounting systems we provide a durability guarantee of 10 years.

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