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Mounting System - Mounting Rails - Schletter FixZ-15 system profile bottom

Schletter FixZ-15 system profile bottom

Schletter FixZ-15 system profile bottom, Further development of the proven system FixZ-7 with a steeper angle of tilt, profile bottom

Item number:   S-03-01127
Delivery time:
approx. 2 to 4 weeks

73.76 €

Price incl. VAT plus delivery

Quick to assemble and easy
Better ventilation
Better self-cleaning
higher yields
Optimal load transfer through the roof

With flat trapezoidal sheet metal roofs under 10 degree inclination is a parallel to the roof module mounting due to low yields and insufficient self-cleaning of the modules is not optimal. A normal elevation with supports but in many cases not economically or because of the higher loads for structural reasons not possible in these cases are often only low elevation angles are desired or feasible. Schletter FixZ-15 provides for these problem cases a simple and cost additional elevation.
FixZ-15 offers the proven FixZ-7 module an even steeper angle of 11 - 15 degrees. Compared with a roof-parallel assembly even when FixZ-15 there is no installation overhead.
The minimal frontal area and optimized geometry, there is only a small additional load on the roof. Please keep in case of sandwich panels in consultation with the manufacturer of the roof or with Schletter. Here, a separate examination of the capacity of the cover sheet may be necessary.

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