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Kostal Piko Data Communicator

Kostal Piko Data Communicator, Easy data transfer from your Kostal inverter in your digital photo frame

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With PIKO Data Communicator you can relax and watch the output of your photovoltaic system on your digital photo frame.
The PIKO Data Communicator is a set that consists of the Data Collector and the DataStick. The Data Collector collects data from the PIKO inverters and transmits them to the DataStick. The DataStick is connected via a USB interface to a digital picture frame, which displays all important data of your PV system.

Connected to digital photo frames with a USB port and slide show function
ease of Installation
Performance / output of a PV system per day / month / year
CO2 savings per day / month / year
Sensor data (environment, module temperature, solar radiation)
Data transmission by radio (30 m indoors, 300 meters across the open field)
Connectable up to 10 PIKO inverters
Adjustable 6 languages (EN, FR, ES, IT, GR)

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