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Inverter - Kostal - Kostal Piko 3.0

Kostal Piko 3.0

Kostal Piko 3.0, single-phase, transformerless inverter with 3.0 kW nominal power

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The Inverters Kostal Piko are as single-phase and three-phase feed devices available in different power levels. We show you the transformerless devices to our favorable shipping terms. The single-phase and three-phase inverter manufacturer Kostal you with 3,000 watts, 4,200 watts, 5,500 watts, 7,000 watts, 8,300 watts and 10,100 watts select rating. Installation is very simple. A DC switch manufacturer is already installed. The inverters are equipped with MPP tracking and operated without transformer. Kostal Piko on devices you get a five-year warranty, the warranty can be extended to up to 20 years. The case corresponds to the standard IP 55 standard and provides a high level of dust protection and a hedge against water. Kostal Piko inverter can recommend with its high efficiency and ease of operation for the user. The devices are designed for a very wide voltage range of ambient temperatures. By the understated design an unobtrusive installation in different spatial conditions is possible. The individual dimensions of the housing, you can see separate product information.

input (DC)

max. DC-power 3300 W
max. input voltage 950 V
number of independent MPP inputs 1

output (AC)

rated power 3000 W
max. output current 13,10 A
adjustable displacement factor -0,9 bis 0,9
phase conductors 1
max. efficiency 95,7 %
length 211 mm
width 420 mm
height 350 mm
weight 19,8 kg
topology trafolos
degree of protection (according to IEC 60529) IP55
DC terminal MC4
AC terminal Federzug-Klemmleiste
integrated interface Ethernet RJ45 (2x bei Kommunikationsboard 2, inkl. integriertem Switch), RS485, S0, 4x Analog-Eingänge
optional/retrofittable interface -
production warranty 5 years

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