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Electrical Material - AC-Allocator - AC-Allocater 50-90 kW with NA-Schutz

AC-Allocater 50-90 kW with NA-Schutz

AC-Allocater 50-90 kW with NA-Schutz, Inverter-collector with integrated protection devices

Item number:   E-AC-002
Delivery time:
approx. 5 to 8 weeks

3,552.15 €

Price incl. VAT plus delivery

Complete package for quick and easy installation
Power supply to VDE-AR-N 4105 and BDEW
Central Power & Plant Protection
Inverter Fuse
AC Box double contactor + NA, 6x 3 ~ WR, steel case
AC box for up to 6x 3 ~ inverters (max. 100KW)
Powder coated steel housing IP55 for wall mounting Dimensions: 1000x1200x300 (WxHxD)
max. Input current 25A per inverter input
Inverter protection including fuses 35A
Network monitoring to VDE4105 including redundant coupling switch
Surge Protection Type 2 for TN-C network
NH-fuse switch disconnectors size 1 including NH Fuses 200A
Busbar system 12x10mm
Inputs: 6x M32 cable gland, clamping range: min. 14 mm / max. 25 mm 5-pin per input, connection via cage clamp max. 10qmm
Outputs: 1 x M63 cable gland, clamping range: min. 34 mm / max. 45 mm tap-screw M10
Terminal connection for connecting data logger max. 6A

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